Water Meter Replacement Project

Was your home or business part of last year’s water meter replacement program? If so, the new meters contained a defective component from the factory that needs to be replaced through warranty. To complete this fix a technician will need to enter your property to replace the component. Water service to your home or business will not be interrupted to complete this work. The City has contracted with Vanguard Utility Service, Inc.,  to perform the radio transmitter change-out at no cost to residents or the City. The Vanguard technician will be identifiable with a company shirt and identification badge and will adhere to a robust COVID-1/PPE policy. When you receive a letter from Vanguard please visit http://www.vusinc.com/RichfieldMN.php and provide your reference area to schedule your appointment within 14 days of the notice. Please contact Richfield Utilities Superintendent Butch Lupkes with any questions regarding this project at 612-861-9175.
2021 Richfield Warranty Mailer

The 2021 Water Meter Replacement Project began in late March 2021 and wrapped up in October 2021. The project will resume in June 2022. Please contact Utilities Superintendent Russ "Butch" Lupkes with questions at 612-861-9175 with questions. 

The City of Richfield began its water meter replacement project in the summer of 2019. The existing water meters have reached the end of their functional lifespan and have begun to fail at increasing rates. In light of this, the City has moved forward with a citywide water meter replacement project. This project will take approximately three years to complete, but due to COVID-19 the project was halted for 2020. In April 2019, after a competitive bid process, City Council awarded the project contract to Vanguard Utility Service, Inc.  All Vanguard installers have a city-issued identification badge and have underwent background checks through the Public Safety Department. 

Residents will receive a postcard & separate letter with instructions for setting up an appointment to have their new water meter installed prior to replacement in their neighborhood. When crews are in your area, you will begin to receive notices like the example below. The project is split up into many "zones", so please only contact Vanguard to set up your appointment if you have received a notice like below. 



Why is my water meter being replaced?

What specifically is being replaced?

What type of water meter and meter system is being installed?

When can I expect my water meter to be replaced?

What are the benefits of a new water meter?

How much will the new water meter cost?

Will my water bill increase with this new meter?

Where is my water meter located?

Will the radio device interfere with my television, cellphone, Wi-Fi, pacemaker or other technology?

Are there any health concerns associated with this technology?