Utility Projects

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The City’s water meter replacement project—originally dubbed the “three-year water meter replacement project”— will extend into a fifth year due to supply chain constraints impacting the acquisition of water meters. For 2022, the Public Works utilities division was only able to acquire around 200 of the needed 3000 water meters to complete the project.  Crews will continue to replace old meters with our limited stock throughout summer 2022. To date, roughly 8000 of the 11,000 water meters have been replaced with new equipment. It is anticipated we will receive the remaining meters in Spring 2023 which will allow us to complete the project in that year.
Please view the FAQ (linked at top of page) or contact Russ "Butch" Lupkes with questions: (612) 861-9175.

Each year, the City of Richfield performs sanitary sewer relining to restore integrity to deteriorating pipes within our aging sanitary sewer system (much of which was built in the 1950s). This relining process is an alternative to pipe replacement; it can be done at a fraction of the cost, and with significantly less disruption compared to digging up existing pipes and reconstructing the overlying roads. The lining process begins with a thorough cleaning of the sewer segment to remove roots and debris. Then, a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liner is inserted in the pipe, inflated, and cured with steam. Finally, sanitary laterals are cut out of the liner to reinstate sewer service to adjacent properties.
san lining steam
During the lining process, sanitary services are temporarily blocked at the main. As a result, high water usage (laundry, dish washing, etc.) must be discontinued by affected properties for approximately 8 hours to avoid sewer backup. Affected homes will receive notice that they are within the project area before relining begins, and will receive notice of service disruptions 24 hours in advance.
Please view the FAQ (linked at top of page) or contact Jordan Vennes with questions: (612) 861-9797.