Utility Projects

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  • The Sheridan Pond Improvements Project will include the restoration of the functional nature of Sheridan Pond and enhancements to the adjacent terrestrial area. 
  • The first part of the project (Phase 1) will include dredging and re-shaping of the basin and storm sewer installation and a future part of the project expected in Spring 2023 (Phase 2) will include vegetative improvements including seed, plugs, and trees.
  • Sediment cores were taken where sediment will be removed in the basin and it is estimated that approximately 3700 tons of MPCA regulated material will be removed and disposed of in a landfill facility permitted by the MPCA to accept these materials.
  • Existing invasive plant species will be aggressively managed. This effort includes the removal of 91 trees greater than 8" in diameter (primarily ash) to open tree canopy for ground cover establishment, and planting of a diversity of pollinator plant species, including tree and shrub species next season.
  • This project is funded in part via grant funding made possible by the Minnesota Clean Water, Land & Legacy Amendment. Learn more by visiting the Legislative Coordinating Commission website or the Minnesota's Legacy homepage.

Direct questions to Mr. Chad Donnelly, PE at 612-861-9798


Beginning Monday December 12, Bloomington Ave will be closed completely between 62nd St and Hwy 62. There will be no northbound access to the Hwy 62 EB ramp or Minneapolis from Richfield. Local access will be maintained to homes for residents. Southbound traffic coming from Minneapolis will be forced onto Hwy 62 EB and will not be able to access Richfield from the Bloomington Ave Bridge. Hwy 62 EB traffic will not be able to exit the freeway at Bloomington but will instead be detoured to Portland or Hwy 77. The bicycle and pedestrian trails between Taft Lake and Bloomington Ave will be closed while the headwall and pipes are constructed in the park. The Bloomington Ave closure is anticipated to last for two months.

Minneapolis Public Works and the Minnesota Department of Transportation are working together on the project. This project will replace two parallel and aging storm sewer pipes that drain to Taft Lake. The owner of one pipe is the City of Minneapolis and the other pipe's owner is MnDOT. Construction of a new headwall for the pipes will begin in December 2022 where the pipes discharge into Taft Lake. The project will replace roughly 140 feet of each pipe to the west of the lake and remove sediment that has accumulated in the lake near the outfall over several decades. 

Screenshot 2022-12-06 151355

Each year, the City of Richfield performs sanitary sewer relining to restore integrity to deteriorating pipes within our aging sanitary sewer system (much of which was built in the 1950s). This relining process is an alternative to pipe replacement; it can be done at a fraction of the cost, and with significantly less disruption compared to digging up existing pipes and reconstructing the overlying roads. The lining process begins with a thorough cleaning of the sewer segment to remove roots and debris. Then, a cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) liner is inserted in the pipe, inflated, and cured with steam. Finally, sanitary laterals are cut out of the liner to reinstate sewer service to adjacent properties.
san lining steam
During the lining process, sanitary services are temporarily blocked at the main. As a result, high water usage (laundry, dish washing, etc.) must be discontinued by affected properties for approximately 8 hours to avoid sewer backup. Affected homes will receive notice that they are within the project area before relining begins, and will receive notice of service disruptions 24 hours in advance.
Please view the FAQ (linked at top of page) or contact JRuss "Butch" Lupkes with questions: (612) 861-9175.


The City’s water meter replacement project—originally dubbed the “three-year water meter replacement project”— will extend into a fifth year due to supply chain constraints impacting the acquisition of water meters. For 2022, the Public Works utilities division was only able to acquire around 200 of the needed 3000 water meters to complete the project.  Crews will continue to replace old meters with our limited stock throughout summer 2022. To date, roughly 8000 of the 11,000 water meters have been replaced with new equipment. It is anticipated we will receive the remaining meters in Spring 2023 which will allow us to complete the project in that year. Please view the FAQ (linked at top of page) or contact Russ "Butch" Lupkes with questions: (612) 861-9175.