Community VEAP Food Drive

Richfield Community VEAP Food Drive
Participate in the Richfield VEAP Food Drive! Volunteer to be a drop-off site by Monday, November 28.

Be a drop-off site!
Richfield, are you ready for a fun challenge to help your neighbors? We are looking for households and businesses in Richfield to be drop-off points for a community-wide Winter Food Drive for VEAP! This food drive is hosted by the Richfield Community Services Commission and Richfield Recreation. You’ll need a covered, weather-proof bin and a "Food Donation Drop-Off" sign (pick up one at the  Community Center or make your own). We will post a map with all of the drop-off sites identified.

Let us know by the end of Monday, November 28, if you'd like to set up a drop-off bin in your yard! Email us at with your name and address. We will publish a list and map on this page with all of the sites (no names will be included).

Have fun with decorating your drop-off point – lights, a snowman, inflatable reindeer – you name it! Selfies and photos are encouraged. 


VEAP accepts shelf-stable food, household products like laundry detergent, soap, diapers, paper towels, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant and all other home and personal hygiene products. They also accept pet food. Check out their updated list of most-needed items.

Drop-Off Locations
Rfld Community Center: 7000 Nicollet Ave
Rfld Municipal Center: 6700 Portland Ave
Wood Lake Nature Cntr: 6710 Lake Shore Dr
Cedar Liquor: 6600 Cedar Ave
Lyndale Liquor: 6444 Lyndale Ave
Penn Liquor: 6444 Penn Ave
Wine & Spirits Liquor: 7700 Lyndale Ave


Food Drive: Spread the word!

If you can, please share the food drive info on social media, with community groups you are part of, etc. to help us raise more awareness and donations. 

If you have your donation bin outdoors, please check for any canned goods and bring them inside.
Heather Food Site