Richfield seeks resident input during National Community Survey

Richfield, Minn. (May 24, 2024) – Earlier this spring, the city of Richfield announced a resident survey to measure satisfaction with government services and quality of life in the community. The city will use the data collected to inform decision-making around programs, amenities, budgets and more.


“This survey gives residents a chance to chime in on our community,” encouraged Richfield Mayor, Mary Supple. “I hope everyone takes a few minutes to complete it so we can better understand the feelings of our residents.”

The National Community Survey (NCS) was developed by the National Research Center. The survey captures opinions on the economy, mobility, community design, utilities, safety, natural environment, inclusivity, engagement and other elements to measure Richfield's overall livability. The results will show Richfield’s strengths, areas of improvement and what issues matter most to residents. The city will also be able to see how its performance compares to other communities across the country.

The city last completed the survey in 2020. Survey responses indicated that residents rate quality of life in Richfield high and would recommend living in Richfield to someone who asked. The feeling of safety was highly rated, as well as the quality of the transportation system.

Earlier this spring, a randomized sample survey was mailed to a pool or residents. Residents were asked to complete a survey, online or via mail.

Beginning on May 24, all residents are invited to participate in the open survey. The survey will take approximately 10 minutes and can be found at: The city needs input from the entire community to make data-driven decisions that will benefit all residents.

For more information on this process, visit or contact the city at (612) 861-9184. The survey will close on June 7, 2024, and results will be available later this summer.