Augsburg Park's universally inclusive playground project will not require the removal of oak trees

We have received several questions and comments regarding the trees around the Augsburg Park universally inclusive playground project.

From Recreation Services Director Amy Markle: 

"From the beginning of the universally inclusive playground planning process, we set out to design a playground at Augsburg Park that would require the removal of no oak trees. That remains to be the case as the project moves forward. The trees in the park are monitored throughout the year. In past years, all oak trees in the park have been treated for Two-Lined Chestnut Borer. Last summer, several oaks that are not directly adjacent to the playground area were identified as having Oak Wilt, they were removed, and the trees in the general vicinity were treated for Oak Wilt. The turf layer of the playground has been removed, but there has been no cutting into the root system. The playground will have a pervious surface, so trees will continue to receive rainwater, and all but two trees are outside of the actual playground itself." 

If you have questions about the universally inclusive playground project, please contact Recreation Services Director Amy Markle by emailing or calling 612-861-9394.