Richfield Counts 2020

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We all count. We all matter.

The City of Richfield is launching the Richfield Counts Campaign to ensure that every resident is counted for the 2020 Census. The Census determines $675 billion in federal funding for programs critical to Richfield. Review this page for more information on the Census, why it is important and how you can get involved. 



Help us count our community! Volunteer to get your community counted. Contact Blanca at 612-861-9701 or


The 2020 Census will determine the resources and representation our community receives in the next 10 years. 

Our neighborhoods deserve funding, investment and political power. Pledge to be counted in 2020 and remind the rest of the community too.

SIGN THE PLEDGE to commit to being counted for Richfield! 


  • March 2020: Census Bureau begins inviting residents to participate via mail, phone or online form.
  • April 1 2020: Census Day


Q: When does the Census count begin?

A: The Count Begins in March. Beginning in March, the Census will begin contacting households by mail to complete the survey. New in 2020, you can complete your survey online! Reminder letters and postcards will follow in April if the surveys have not been completed.

If no responses have been received by the end of April 2020, Census-takers (or enumerators), will begin canvassing neighborhoods asking non-respondents to participate in person. In-person collection is expected to last through the summer.

See what the 2020 Census questionnaire will look like.

Q: Why should I participate?

A: Participation is Crucial. At a state level, Minnesota is in danger of losing its 8th representative in Congress based on the 2020 Census.If we are under-counted, we will be under-represented.

On a local level, each resident brings more than $2,790 in federal funding to the state every year. Those funds are used for transportation and infrastructure projects, affordable housing creation, first time home buyer loans, head start programs and free and reduced school lunches. Participation in the census ensures that Richfield receives its fair allotment of federal dollars to continue funding these important projects.

To see how Minnesota's federal funds are allocated, view the Minnesota Counting for Dollars Report.

Participation in the census if also important for the aggregated data it eventually provides. By 2022, all data will be available to illustrate who comprises the city of Richfield.

Q: How can I help?

A: There are MANY ways to join in the efforts to get our community counted:


State of Minnesota Census Hub: We Count MN Census 2020. Follow online at: #WeCountMN. 

Census 2020 in Minnesota: PBS video series.