Energy Action Resources

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In 2020, Richfield joined Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy initiative to help the city achieve its energy goals and assist local residents and businesses in reducing their energy bills and carbon footprints. Partners in Energy worked with Richfield residents, staff, business owners, and other community members to create an Energy Action Plan. This plan covers many different focus areas and lays out strategies and actions to achieve over the next few years. 

In June of 2021, the City Council approved the drafted plan. You can read the Energy Action Plan here. There is also a two page summary of the focus areas and goals of the plan available here (aquí hay una traducción al español del resumen ejecutivo y los objetivos del programa). 

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How Can I Participate?
Reaching our goals in the Energy Action Plan is a community effort. There are a number of ways that residents, organizations, and businesses can get involved to help achieve Richfield’s energy goals. Contact Rachel Lindholm at