Commissions and Boards

What is a city advisory commission and what is its role?

Citizen participation is an important ingredient for good government. The Richfield City Council established numerous advisory commissions to encourage citizen participation in city matters, suggest new programs or policies, and to serve as liaisons with the City Council. The duties of commission members are to:

  • Review matters within the scope of the particular commission or as directed by the City Council.
  • Recommend direction to the City Council based on evidence, research, and reports.
  • Regularly attend and participate in commission meetings.

Commission information can be found on this commission description one-pager or on their specific web pages:

Want to contact the chair of a board or commission?

If you wish to contact the chair of a board or commission please fill out the Chair contact form
If you have additional questions please contact the staff liaison of the commission, their contact information is listed on the commission website. If you have questions on the form or the process please contact city staff at or by phone at 612-861-9712.

Why volunteer to be a commission member?

In exchange for both your time and effort, commission members influence the policies, actions, and progress of our community. Some benefits of volunteering include:

  • Resident involvement improves the quality and responsiveness of public decision-making.
  • Volunteer commission members are excellent ambassadors and advocates for the city.
  • Create community ownership by sharing your talents and perspectives.

Residents are encouraged to apply by going to the Apply to a Board or Commission web page if they are interested in serving on one of these commissions. Applications open annually in October.

Board and Commission Documents