Housing And Redevelopment Authority

The Richfield Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) was created in 1975 to assure the long-term vitality of Richfield's residential and commercial property. The HRA is a public corporation with the role and responsibility to undertake certain types of housing, economic, and commercial/industrial development and redevelopment or renewal activities within the city, using federal, state, and local funds to create and administer programs that encourage investment in Richfield. The HRA carries out these activities in accordance with Minnesota State Statutes and such general policies as established by the City Council and the Bylaws of the HRA. The HRA may also confer with other public and private groups on matters relating to housing, business and commercial/industrial development and periodically survey the City's industrial and commercial climate and City's housing requirements.

The HRA consists of five City Council appointed commissioners who are residents of the City. The HRA is a combination of three citizen and two Council Member commissioners. The Mayor appoints and the City Council approves each commissioner to a five year term; terms of Council Member commissioners coincide with their term of office as a Council Member. Commissioner terms are staggered.

The Community Development Director serves as Executive Director and Community Development Department staff manage the programs.


The HRA holds monthly meetings on the 3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m. at the Municipal Center. Meetings are broadcast LIVE on government access cable Ch. 16.


The HRA has a separate budget from the City of Richfield. Each year, the budget is approved by the HRA, with the approval of an amended budget at the half-year mark. 

Housing Programs

The HRA has implemented a number of programs build new and to remodel existing homes. To learn more, click here to visit the Community Development Department's housing web page

Commercial Redevelopment

The Richfield HRA encourages investment in commercial areas of the City. The HRA acquires and removes poor quality commercial property then contracts with private developers for the construction of contemporary retail and office space. The HRA also supports upgrades and remodeling of commercial properties. Click here for more information on commercial redevelopment in Richfield.

Authority Members

Contact HRA Commissioners directly by e-mail:

Erin Vrieze Daniels, Chair -
Sean Hayford Oleary -
Mary Supple -
Gordon Hanson - 
John Young - 

Staff Contact

Melissa Poehlman,
Executive Director/Community Development Director,