Renters and Landlords

Richfield's convenient location and affordability make it an attractive community for people who rent. There are approximately 5,800 rental housing units in the City (37% of all housing units).

Four Goals to Strengthen Richfield's Apartment Communities
Apartments and apartment residents are a valued part of the Richfield community. In 2017, the Richfield City Council adopted four goals to strengthen Richfield's apartment communities. Those goals are:

  1. Preserve and improve the quality of existing affordable housing, while discouraging displacement of our residents.
  2. Diversify the housing stock through targeted redevelopment to provide a variety of rental housing opportunities at a range of income levels.
  3. Strengthen protections for renters in order to promote housing stability.
  4. Provide support to renters and apartment owners and managers to facilitate successful apartment communities. 

Resources are available for both renters and rental housing owners and managers
Information about Richfield's Rental Housing