animal control and licensing

Community Service Officers (CSO’s) respond to animal control calls such as a dog at large, animal bites, injured animals and barking dogs. To report an animal issue such as a dog at large while it's occurring, call Police dispatch at 612-861-9898 or Public Safety at 612 861-9800.

To speak to a CSO regarding animal questions or concerns call 612-861-9823. Please leave a message and your call will be returned. 

The City of Richfield contracts with the City of Bloomington for use of their animal shelter. Impounded animals in Richfield are transported to the Bloomington shelter located at 9920 Logan Ave. S. To reach Bloomington's animal kennel call 952-563-4942.

For lost and found animals, please call Police dispatch at 612 861-9898 or Richfield Public Safety at 612-861-9800.

  • Animals six months of age and older must be licensed.  A current rabies vaccination certificate must be provided at the time the license is purchased.  The application, rabies certificate and fee can be mailed or dropped off at Richfield City Hall, 6700 Portland Ave. S., Richfield, MN 55423. You cannot apply for an animal license online. 
  • A multi-pet license is required for households that have more than two dogs or two cats.
  • The maximum number of animals allowed at a residence is five.  
  • A commercial kennel license is required for businesses selling, boarding, or breeding animals.

For questions regarding animal licensing requirements call 612 861-9870. For other animal related questions call 612 861-9823.

Animal License Application
Multi-Pet License (see bullet points above)

Bird watching and bird feeding are enjoyed by millions of people each year and provide many benefits to both people and our feathered friends. Bird watching is educational and allows us to experience nature in our own backyard.  Feeding birds helps to supplement their natural food source, and provides energy for migration. Birds provide many benefits such as insect control and flower pollination.

Did you know that placing bird feed or human food on the ground may be detrimental to other wildlife in the area?  Research has shown that supplemental feeding of deer and other wildlife can lead to increased disease risk, long term habitat destruction and increased vehicle collisions. They may come to rely more on this food source making them less adept in their natural  environment.

The following tips will keep your backyard inviting and attractive to birds and assist in keeping other wildlife such as deer and raccoons away. 


  • Provide a bird bath that is kept clean and has fresh water.
  • Elevate bird feeders to deter wildlife from getting bird feed.
  • Provide a natural habitat such as bushes or a bird house.


  • Place bird seed on the ground. It makes birds easy prey to other wildlife and susceptible to deadly chemicals which may be in your lawn.
  • Put bird feeders by windows. Bird window collisions are very common.
  • Put out bread and other human food which is detrimental to wildlife and against City ordinance.

 For more information or questions call City staff at 612 861-9880.

To view the complete animal ordinance, refer to  Chapter 9 of the Richfield City Code.