Dear Santa: Letters from Richfield Kids

Richfield, Minn. (December 23, 2020)
– As many residents gear up for the Christmas season, local children recently penned letters to Kris Kringle (by way of the Richfield Recreation Department), making their case to be added to the ‘nice’ list this holiday season.
Reviewing the letters is always an eye -opening experience, according to the North Pole Letter Coordinator Ann Jindra.
“We definitely saw more letters to the ‘Big Guy’ this year than ever before,” explained Jindra. “In a typical year we receive 25-30 letters and this year we had 66 letters submitted. We think because people are spending more time at home and looking for fun things to do. It was the perfect time to write to Santa.”
This year’s batch of letters included the standard requests for stuffed animals, dolls, trucks, and stockings full of candy canes, but also included some creativity, like the one child who asked for an ATM machine or another child who asked for a real elf.
In addition, there were some non-traditional requests in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. One youngster ended her list with a wish for Santa to bring “medison for coved 19,” while another reminded Santa that above all, the most important thing on the wish list was “jobs for my parents.”  
The Richfield Recreation Services Department helps facilitate the letters to Santa by also providing a template for children to use if they need assistance with their letter. The template encourages kids to tell Santa how they have helped others during the year, in addition to their wish lists.
From hugging their friends and playing with children left out on the playground, this year Richfield kids again proved they are always willing to help. And with a pandemic-twist, more kids proved their worth by writing letters, sending cards in the mail, and connecting virtually with Grandma “so she was not lonely.”
Yet, it’s not only children that have wishes for Santa Claus this year.
“If I could talk to Santa, I'd ask him to make sure all our Richfield children are safe at home, healthy, and happy with loving families taking care of them,” shared Richfield Mayor Maria Regan Gonzalez. “I would also make sure that he has them all on the ‘nice’ list this holiday season. They have really been exceptional this year at adapting to all that COVID-19 has thrown at us.”
The letters to Santa that were sent via the Richfield Community Center all received a reply from Father Chrismas, as coordinated by Jindra. But she and her fellow elves also benefit from the letters too.
“The kids’ letters always shows us how to have hope and believe in the Christmas spirit, even in light of COVID-19. Hopefully our efforts at coordinating the letters to Santa can offer our kids an extra dose of holiday cheer this season too.”
Santa Claus also recently stopped by the Richfield Community Center to read some special Christmas stories, peruse some of his letters, and sing some festive holiday songs. Videos of his visit can be found on the city’s YouTube channel at:
From the entire staff of the City of Richfield, we wish all our residents, especially the youngest, a happy and healthy holiday season.